Create a Training Centre for Crafts and Hairdressing


The Problem
Enterprise needs to be expanded. Workshops already provide training in carpentry and leather and the goods produced sell well.

But other crafts such as basket weaving, free-style embroidery, beadwork and sewing are only learned informally. These goods are very marketable. How can we produce more, even higher quality baskets and embroideries?

And what other skill could be taught formally for the first time?

The Solution
Convert an existing but incomplete building into a Training Centre for Crafts and Hairdressing. Then formal training could begin to improve the quality of the craftwork even further. By employing Rwandan instructors, students could learn new techniques to make their goods they even more attractive.


There would be a high demand for the services of trained hairdressers, because great pride is taken in appearance, despite the endemic poverty. Festivals, celebrations and church on Sunday are all occasions when villagers want to look their best.

Cost - £30,000

Long-term benefits
New enterprise will develop because craft products are light and easy to take to market. Hairdressing can be carried out in a customer’s home.Villagers would be able to seek a wider market for their products and services without the cost of premises. These enterprises would be self-sufficient and sustainable, providing opportunities for men and women.

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