Make the Health Centre More Accessible


The problem
At present the only way to get to St Michael’s Health Centre is by climbing steep steps up a grassy slope. Patients, from pregnant women to the elderly, struggle to reach the Health Centre. Unconscious patients have to be carried.

The solution
Access must be made easier. Imagine climbing a steep hill to just to visit a GP or A&E when you are feeling unwell. And two recent fit and healthy young visitors from the UK fell on this slope.
Building a ramp will make the climb less steep and so everyone will be able to get the care they need much more easily. A tarmac surface will mean vehicles can drive part-way up the slope. And if someone cannot walk, it will be possible for them to use one of the two wheelchairs we hope to buy. Everyone should be able to get the care and treatment they need.


The cost will be high - £12,000.

But the long-term benefits will be enormous.

Word will spread fast about the easier access once the ramp is built. The local villagers (c 5,600), as well as others from the surrounding area, attracted by the high quality of the health care on offer, will be able to come to the Health Centre to get the treatment and advice they need. So patient numbers will rise and the health of the whole community will improve.

We will all certainly celebrate when the first patients walk up the ramp!

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