LIVESTOCK initiatives all follow the same essential formula.
Cows are a good example. The local, hardy long-horned variety (which can cope with the local environment) are cross-bred with a European breed to maximise yield of milk or meat.  A family is given a female cow and the first born heifer is given to another family.  The cycle then continues!

(...And the cows also provide fantastic fertiliser!)  

Pigs, goats and chickens are also raised.  The project management provides training courses in animal husbandry for the villagers.


GROWING CROPS is the main source of income for most families. Courses are run to show how to make best use of the land  and organic cultivation is actively encouraged. The first initiative was to grow pineapples. Crops now include coffee, bananas, ginger, cassava, potatoes, tomatoes, mangoes, maize... and more!

Initiatives like these bring food and income to people of the Kanyike Project villages in a self-sustaining manner.


Working on the land to grow cereal crops