The Youth Group and its activities

youth group1.jpg

The Youth Group (set up in February 1988) aims to bring all the young people in the village together.   Father Kakuba's brother, Ssempijja, leads the group and helps with training workshops and the organisation of activities. The group meets at least monthly to report on what they've been doing and to exchange knowledge and experience. 

Many of the members run their own small, profitable activities. David, for example, worked as a casual labourer to raise the funds to start his own garden.  He now grows ginger and has plans to expand production.

Trips to an agricultural college give a day of training about crops and animal welfare - all tips which help the group members to be independent farmers 

The Youth Group helps the wider community, and work hard helping Dan, the HIV/AIDS Counsellor.

Members play a variety of sports, and were provided with a football by the Project.