The UK builders are back


The villagers had been looking forward to the return of the men who work for DHL.  The local engineer and his team had prepared the building materials and everything was ready in the right place at the right time.   The food provided was much appreciated after a hard day’s labour.


The main project was to build latrines for the Rise and Shine Nursery (which this group had already built in 2014).

Re-furbishing two springs to ensure a clean water supply was also on their agenda.  Clear water is now running (and tears of delight were shed by villagers when they saw the improvement).  The springs are fully protected from animals and should provide pure water for years to come.

Rainwater harvesting at the nursery is now fully operational, again thanks to the team.  The metal tank had already been installed.  Now it is protected by bricks and render, and connected up.

What no-one expected was that two mechanical engineers in the team (to their delight) could make full use of their skills, to restore a generator (in twenty minutes), check the solar power set-up and ensure a 24/7 electricity supply to the hospital for the first time!  Again, there were tears of joy. 

This simple act has probably carried the Project forward ten years.